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The Individual lash extensions

What you need to know about eyelash extensions

Eyelashes are no fluttering feature – we have between 80 and 180 lashes per eye. And given that eyelashes sit on some very important real estate, you want to ensure that skilled hands are using the best products to treat this sensitive area. Our eyelash extension experts carefully apply single synthetic lashes by attaching them to your own lashes – never the skin – giving your lashes a naturally fuller look. We carry lashes of various lengths, thickness, and curls to fit any occasion whether it’s a special event or for an everyday look. The glue adhesives used to attach your eyelash extensions is tested and selected by our experts. The procedure is painless and relaxing with many clients actually getting their beauty sleep as we’re making them look beautiful!

How long do they last?

The eyelashes you were born with grow, mature, fall out and are replaced by new and younger lashes every 60 to 90 days. Synthetic lashes are attached to lashes that have grown long enough to support the lashes, and will fall out with the old natural lash. In order to keep your lashes lovely and full, we recommend touch-ups every 2-4 weeks depending on your natural lashes growth cycle. Treating your eyelashes with gentle care will ensure long lasting eyelash extensions. When it comes to eyelashes, look but don’t touch is the mantra!

Do they look natural?

We can make your eyes as naturally beautiful or dramatically alluring as you want them to be. We fit our clients with single or volume extensions that will enhance and captivate. Single extensions are when one extension is attached to one natural lash – it is a hair-on-hair application. These extensions add length and volume, depending on the density of the client’s natural lashes. In a standard full set, 80 – 120 lashes are applied per eye.

How much do they cost?

On average, each appointment is 2 hours for a full set. We charge $200 for a full set, and the first fill is FREE! We use Lavish Lashes brand eyelashes, which are considered to be the “gold standard” in the industry. Each fill is between $50 and $75 and our clients come in on average 2-3 times within a 3-4 month time frame.
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